Super Smash Flash 4

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Super Smash Flash 4 unblocked


This is the latest version of the worldwide famous 2D fighting game sequel. Super Smash Flash 4 unblocked was released in July 2014 and added three new characters: Zero Suit Samus and Chibi-Robo and Zero. Also new online mode and replay functionality were introduced.

The reason of popularity of SSF games is that here you can find your favorite characters from cartoons such as: Naruto, Goku, Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong and etc.

They made many people’s childhood happy and colorful. Remember the old times when you were running as fast as you could from school or market or something like that, just to be in time for your beloved cartoon?

Personally, I remember it like it was yesterday.


There are several game modes available that present different challenges depending on the mode you choose. Also, there are three different difficulty levels for each mode – Easy, Normal, and Hard.

When you begin each level you’ll be facing one random opponent. However, as you progress through the game you will be facing several characters at once, which means you will need to use the jump button and the arrow keys to dodge and counteract the attacks that are going to be coming at you from all sides.

You can play solo or play with friends against each other or against computer. So to say, unite against the foe or friendship versus the evil. If you will get bored of regular gameplay, especially for such people there is also available Special VS mode available where you can slow down or speed-up characters, make them invisible, re-size them, change gravity and so on. You may also try new online mode, which I mentioned above.

As you would have already guessed, your aim is to defeat your opponents by hitting them as many times as possible. You will see a percentage counter which increases every time you cause damage to enemy. Player with higher percentage wins.

The object of the game is to defeat your opponent in as little time as possible. Super Smash Flash 4 unblocked is an extremely fun game, as long as you think about your strategy at the beginning of the level. You need to understand the attacks of each character so that you will know what to expect from each of your opponents.

If you are already familiar with the old school arcade Nintendo and SEGA games, then you should know about the special attacks of the various players. With so many players and game modes to choose from, you should be able to enjoy the game for hours on end.

Take a look at the instructions:

W, A, S, D – Move
I – Shield
U – Grab
O – Special Attack
P – Physical Attack
1 – Taunt

I hope you will have a very good time playing SSF 4. Don’t forget to write your thoughts about this game in the comments, below.

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